Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me.

The 42nd birthday came and went. It was fairly uneventful. Not quite as uneventful as I would have liked. I usually let them pass unobserved. I am really getting into the lifecoaching thing and am liking it. The workouts are at about the level the body can stand... it has been a while since it has done much and does protest. I still keep coming back at it. I watched this video my life coach had me do and I think that I am going to try some of the concepts in it. It is called "The Secret" and can be viewed at It costs $5 to watch it, and is a lot of positive energy that is shared. That is worth $5. Anything that makes you feel good.

And speaking of feeling good. I have been basking in the Republican Party's misery. It seems there is a gay Republican after all. Rep. Mark Foley. Enough said. I will wait till after the election to see if I have anything to gloat about. I am typing this with one hand, just to give the Repub's their props. HOLLA! Imagine, while the gay Democrat is living alone in the woods, petting his 8 pussies, the Republican leadership is covering up their own gay mess on Capital Hill. Love It.

So, these are not my body, but they are fun...if not Foleyesque. When my body gets better, we will post a good picture, until then...


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