Friday, December 30, 2005

Coming Soon!

A story of LOVE!!!
A tale of HORROR!!!
Living under the disguse of a female country and western singer in Queensland, our hero Opera Man and his loyal latin sidekick, GoiterBoi were being drawn ever closer to their destiny. This time Opera Man and GoiterBoi (the world's only known unplucked Latino Liza impersonator) would catch their quarry. This time JUSTICE would prevail. Stay tuned for the shocking details and romance as Opera Man encounters yet another of his world fam...(O.K. so that may be pushing it...let's forget the world famous part...)of his adventures (too strong?) tantalizing tales (not buying that either?) stories...(ahhh come on!) Okay... as Opera Man encounters yet another of his....uhhh...hmmm....well... Got IT!!!... as Opera Man encounters some time when he wasn't totally asleep.


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