Saturday, September 10, 2005

What has happened to people?

Is it just something that I am missing? Did I not get the memo? When did people become so rude? It is not that I have some sort of Mayberry complex or any thing like that; however, I seem to remember at least trying to make a good impression when I met somebody. At one time people answered the phone like they might be somewhat happy to be getting a call from me. Of course, that was before caller i.d. Maybe it was because they just thought that it might be someone other than who they now are able to identify.

Now, it seems nobody can be bothered.

I have an awesome idea. Why don't we all act like we care a little for other people. And even better, do it for no particular reason. You know, you can offer a helping had to somebody without a tidal wave, hurricane, or terroist act wiping thousands off the face of the earth. You can try something as simple as being nice to a server at a restaurant. Maybe take a day to show someone that you care for that you do not take them for granted. Give a buck to an animal shelter. Donate some of the crap you have stored... you really aren't going to use it anyway... to a charity. You know, you might even be nice to yourself.

Let me help you get it started. Take this hug from me and pass it on to somebody. Even if it is only in your mind.


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