Sunday, September 18, 2005

Wine and Cheese with Frank Stallone

Living in a cabin in the woods, does not allow for many brushes with greatness. The celebs just aren't lining the streets of Harrison, Arkansas. But last night... Ohhh!!!

Summoned to Branson, MO. by my boss, I was sent to a wine and cheese reception with Frank Stallone to kick off his tour. Now "Old Brown Eyes" is actually a very good singer. If you have Tony Bennett endorsing your album, that's a really good start. Frank is now singing the standards, and looking damn good while he sings them. The reception was kind of dull compared to those that are on television, but then, I don't get to go to those.

The first thing that happened was that Frank (I just call him by his first name, now that we are buds)came over and introduced himself. I was looking for my boss, and so I kind of blew him off. About 30 seconds later, I realized what I had done and felt like a total ass. A few minutes later he came back up to me and tried to start another conversation. Being a little more centered, this one went much better.

He is a totally charming man, with excellent manners and social skills, a great smile, and a very nice everything else. Who would have thought I would ever be having lewd thoughts about Frank Stallone? (Okay, Joshua would, but he knows my sorted past. Brian would just be surprised if I hadn't!)

We were given a press pack. I will be selling tour packages with his show as part of the trip. It had a few press items and a compact disc.

My cousin, Shannon, and I then went and watched the Magnificent Seven show featuring Amanda. The theater was about half full and the entertainment was good. Some of the performers were a little more well seasoned than the others, but isn't that always the case? I think a couple of the boys had been hired strictly for cuteness. They do have promise though and I hope they all achieve it. It was obvious that they were all trying very hard to entertain. They weren't just going through the motions.

There was a singer from Iowa. His voice was awesome. Strong and melodic, he was also hot and had a good command of the stage. I would recommend a little work on the butt. His jeans were a little flat there. They really seemed quite okay from the front. (Mind you, all of them were fine enough looking...I am just talking from a performance point of view.) This one brunette cutie, did a great job when in his lower register, but had a little problem with going flat. He was so hot, nobody would care. he had a beautiful face and good stage presence. Then there was a little blonde Presley boy. He can't sing country, but did okay with the other styles. Presley also did a lot of comedic stuff during the show. He needs a little seasoning but, once again, too cute to care. I wonder if he is part of the Presley family that helped start Branson. They have their own show. He seemed to lack the butch gene, so maybe he isn't Presley material. Or maybe he just has the same last name. (The last guy was a talented dancer...needed to lose a few pounds... but I kept waiting for the drag queen he should have been backing up.)

The girls were good too. Amanda is only 18, so she is doing quite well. There was one that did the main dancing. A little chuncky, but a ton of personality. I actually thought she was as good or better than Amanda. She did give it the energy. The new girl from Springfield was very cute, but she is just lacking that sparkle. But, then again, she is new. She may end up being quite good. There was also a brunette who did a very good job. Nice vocals but little flash.

The band was quite good. There was a lot of musical talent behind the instruments.

In ohter words, I had a good, but not great, time. I do thank the people who gave me the evening. It is something that I will remember fondly. The time with my cousin was special. Then, of course, my wonderful bosses and their great families. They are such nice people. However, with all the effort that had been expended for my evening, was it really wrong of me that the best part for me were the chocolates from Harry & David's? My diabetic headache is disagreeing at the moment.


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