Friday, March 24, 2006

Save Us From "W"!

I have been in hibernation. It is almost like I am afraid to venture out. I am afraid a rain of stupidity will fall on me. At least, I can proudly say that I did not vote for Georgie Boy. If you did vote for him, I hope you are pleased with the results. At this point, we have something like 100,000 dead, but liberated, people in Iraq. Of course, I support the soldiers. I am just not responsible for them being killed. Now, who would be responsible? Hmmm?

Should we go to Texas and divert a little money to our campaigns? My buddy did and they thought his career was over, but ole Tom won the primary. Yep, people is stupid. How bout Katrina? "I wasn't warned! Oh, you have it on videotape.... Well, that is just the press focusing on the negative. They should focus on the positive. Did anyone see me cunningly negotiate that beneficial treaty with India? Ahh, come on...What do you mean you don't like mangoes?"

Why don't we see just how much money we can steal, how much of America we can sell off, and just for fun, let's make everybody's lives just a little more suckier! Go George. Keep up the good work.

If you can't stand Bush (that is the president, not the fuzzy) you need to go to and listen to his radio show. Great stuff. Oh and by the way, just in case you have a moment of logic and stray from the presidunce's chosen path for America, remember: Abortion, War on Terror, 9/11, Stem Cells Bad, God, Freedom, Liberty, Homosexuals, and we must stop genetic cloning of human animal hybrids.

Thank you my fellow Americans, and good night Gracie.


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