Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Told Her I Would Get Her Another One...

So, my boss sends me to get donuts for everyone at work. Off to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter I go. When I get there there aren't any spaces left in front of the door, except for one. The problem is that I can't pull into it because this soccer mom has her minivan in the spot next to it and her cart in MY spot! She has her baby in the baby carseat which is balanced on the top of her cart while she is putting the bags in her minivan. Well, she was taking up two spots with her cart and the kid, so I gently tap the cart with my car to get it out of the way...otherwise, I would have had to parked two spaces up and walked another 15 feet or so...when there is a perfectly good spot right there.

The cart lurched a little and she just freaks out. "What have you done? My baby, my baby...You've killed my baby!" The cart had kinda tipped over and the baby was a little messed up, but she was just totally overreacting. I said, "Lady, you can't even be sure the baby is's still moving!"

So she is down on her knees screaming to the heavens..."Why? Why? Why? You MONSTER!". You know, that kind of thing. Well, I knew that I had to get back with the donuts and she just wouldn't listen to reason. So, I tell her that I will meet her at lunch. Any nursery school of her choice. "Just pick out the one you like, pull down the block a little, and I will have it in your car in a couple of minutes. This will be one you actually got to pick out!" So, I tell her this, I mean it wasn't like that first one was going to get to be on the Gerber jar anyway. Do you think she was satisfied? NO!!! She starts this "Somebody help me!" stuff, so I just went down the street and got some Krispy Kremes. I tell you...there is just no pleasing some people.


Blogger Joshua Farrier said...

Reminds me of those Johnny Knoxville skits where the guy is on a bike with a fake baby seat complete with fake baby, and then flips the bike over near a crowd somewhere and the peopel just freak out. The funniest part is that they actually care about the baby more than the guy driving, which is just like so mean and stuff cause that dumb baby at least a seat belt on!

3:48 PM  

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